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The Globalisation Of The Chinese Financial Sector

The Globalisation Of The Chinese Financial Sector

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China has experienced a rapid GDP growth since last decades. Its financial sector has also developed incredibly over time. In this book, we studied Chinese financial sector globalisation by analysing the determinants of Chinese banking sector profitability, and the relationship between GDP growth and FDI inflows. For estimating the Chinese banking sector profitability, we applied system GMM estimation on the annual data of 56 banks currently in China. The time period of the data is from 2002-2011. For analysing the impacts of financial sector globalisation in terms of FDI contribution to the Chinese economy, we have tested the relationship between FDI and GDP by running the VAR model on the macro data over the time period of 1987-2011. This book provides a relatively comprehensive view for the performance of the Chinese financial sector globalisation.