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Impact of World Bank’s SAP and PRSP on Ghana:

Impact of World Bank’s SAP and PRSP on Ghana:

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Ghana’s government implemented the following World Bank programmes: SAP and PRSP. This book shows that SAP and PRSP have impacted Ghana in different ways. Sometimes SAP and PRSP worked. Other times both SAP and PRSP had problems and they did not work. SAP in Ghana saw increases in contributions to government revenue including: mining industry contribution of 1, 174.34 billion cedis and the generation of company income tax of 168.9 billion cedis. At the same time it had disadvantages. SAP created more negative impacts or problems in Ghana than PRSP. The influence of neoliberalism on Ghana’s SAP cannot be ignored. This is because the tenets of neoliberalism include the withdrawal of government subsidies, high productivity, the cutting down of government expenditures or spending and privatization. The withdrawal of government subsidy was seen in the Education and Health sectors of Ghana. In the Education sector under SAP, the government cut down its subsidy to the Ghana Education Service. PRSP also impacted Ghana because it attempted to address the problems of SAP. The later developments taking place indicate that the civil society participation in PRSP is having an impact in Ghana.