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Employee retention in local kenyan banks

Employee retention in local kenyan banks

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In the 1980s and 1990s, local banks in Kenya became infamous due to bank failures largely attributed to poor management and lack of relevant expertise to serve a high-risk client base. This is a book on employee retention in local banks and it places a specific focus on Equity Bank, a fast-rising profitable local bank serving what would be considered high-risk clients. Drawing upon the work experience of seven former and one current Equity Bank employees, the author seeks answers to the following questions: what is the business model in use?; what are the causes of employee turnover?; what is the correlation between employee turnover and the business model in use? ; And finally, what employee retention tactics does Equity Bank use? Noting that technology, the mainstay of a knowledge and information-driven society, is hardly enough to sustain business success, the author hopes that employers can gain insight on how innovation can be used to address challenges posed by inherent limitations of the business model in use.