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A Philosophy of Marketing Communication

A Philosophy of Marketing Communication

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This book pioneers a completely new approach to the study, teaching and practice of marketing communication. With the use of the principle of applied philosophy in this work, the author identifies three fundamental problems of marketing communication and without wasting space and time, provides their solution. He dissects intersubjectivity and ontology (the Siamese in Gabriel Marcel''s philosophy) in a way that modernizes antiquity and clears the isle of a misunderstood profession. Basically, the book shows the collaborative value of theory and practice. Whether you are a student or teacher of philosophy, marketing or communication in any higher institution, A PHILOSOPHY OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION will inform, inspire, and arm you in understanding a new area of academic endeavour. This book is also meant for budding marketing communication managers, accomplished marketing communicators and marketing communication stakeholders and thinkers who desire the benefits of a glimpse into the concepts of marketology, rehumanization, product anthropomorphism and disalienation in their own profession.