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Elements and Illocutions of Shona Advertising Texts

Elements and Illocutions of Shona Advertising Texts

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This monograph explores the possibility of applying communications and analytical philosophical models to the analyses of Shona advertisements.It adds on to the few theoretical frameworks for handling Shona adverts that currently exist. The research establishes that the basic human communication model is useful in the analyses of Shona avertisements only to a acertain extent as it leaves a gap which is filled by the Stern's model which was found to be able to handle the multidimensional elements of Shona advertising texts. The analytical philosophical models were found to be very relevant in handling both the direct and the indirect illocutions of Shona advertising texts.The monograph sheds some light on the use of the Shona language in advertising as it clarifies elements of Shona advertising texts, their illocutions including their resultant perlocutionary forces.The research should be very useful for students and professionals of the Shona language and communication and also for agents and advertisers using the Shona language.