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How Culture and Technology impact Coca-Cola's Advertising Strategies

How Culture and Technology impact Coca-Cola's Advertising Strategies

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Occasionally, a revolutionary product arrives in the market place that challenges existing normalcy, invites curious users, sways those lagging behind and most importantly, presents a new front of opportunities as well as challenges to follow. Such is the case when John S. Pemberton gave us Coca-Cola. This revolutionary product came in the form of a beverage and would become a model product not only for the beverage industry, but also for all brands around the world for many years to come. This book is aimed at exploring, investigating and forming conclusions about the dynasty of Coca-Cola as company/product. Not so much because of its success as a global brand or the way the brand has championed and mastered multi-cultural marketing and product positioning, but more so on Coca-Cola's scientific analysis and response to market culture, technology and trends. This study seeks to reveal how the company has seamlessly responded to every changing condition and executed successful advertising and marketing programs. The success of the brand is due not only to the decisions that come out of the Atlanta offices, but also what comes into those offices from the outside.