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Cooperative Training in Dairy Marketing in Ethiopia

Cooperative Training in Dairy Marketing in Ethiopia

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Cooperative education and training are among the most significant pillars of a strong and self-reliant cooperative movement. In cooperative arena, there seems to be no clear classification of target groups and development of training courses specially catering to the needs of such target groups. The training curricula are usually of a very general nature and rather theoretical which mostly use ‘quick fix approach' than based on scientific need analysis. This research attempted to determine the training needs of cooperative stakeholders' with the specific objectives of determining their level of awareness, to identify the training needs of stakeholders, to examine the association between training needs and socio-psychological characteristics, and to ascertain the constraints faced in cooperative dairy marketing by members and officials in Ethiopia. It is the pioneer book written in the field of cooperative training in Ethiopia. This book is an eye-opening one for those who would like to engage in cooperative education and training in Ethiopia.