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Negotiation Theory for French-German Business

Negotiation Theory for French-German Business

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Revision with unchanged content. Negotiations are frequent companions of businesses as planning and the coordination of projects need consensus of the parties in­volved. The way a national culture views and weights common va­lues is neatly linked to the educational, organisational and historical circumstances found in the respective culture. By explaining these underlying systems, planning be­forehand and future steps will be­come more predictable and understan­dable. Theoretical models focusing on tactics and strategies commonly found in business ne­gotiations and concepts as framing or the structure of negotiations in phases and time models have general relevance, but this book focuses on intercultural negotiations where an understanding of these concepts might vary substantially between the parties invol­ved and may lead to contradictory situations. Covering the most detailed descripti­ons of national cultures found in the research lite­rature gives us a clear picture of what can and equally important cannot be ascribed to the natio­nal culture of a person. Equally sui­table as an introduction on this matter as well as a companion du­ring a negotiation, this book explains theoreti­cal and practical fin­dings.