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Operating and Strategic Planning in the Financial Industry

Operating and Strategic Planning in the Financial Industry

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Today's economic situation is marked by high dynamics. Whereas traditional planning practices have reached their limits, new approaches have emerged, enabling companies to react more quickly and adapt themselves to the fast moving environments. Focusing on the financial industry in Switzerland, a main pillar of the Swiss economy, the goal of this study was to test whether successful companies apply „best operating and strategic planning practices?. In a first, theoretical part, „best operating and strategic planning practices? – according to specialized literature – will be identified. In a second, empirical part, the operating and strategic planning practices of three qualified financial service providers in Switzerland will be investigated. Subject of investigation are not only the planning practices themselves, but also the context in which the companies operate. In a last part, based on a directed content analysis, findings from practice will be compared and contrasted with „best planning practices? according to theory. Moreover, the study will be topped off with the analysis of these findings as well as the financial industry in general by the view of a neutral planning expert.