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Linking Development to Transformational Leadership

Linking Development to Transformational Leadership

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Revision with unchanged content. Leadership development facilitators and executive coaches address leaders’ developmental needs to better perform at the executive level. In developmental programs for example, facilitators teach with the expectation that leaders will adopt a transformational leadership (TL) mindset within the program to later enact TL behaviours within their home organizational environment. This is a short-term solution when addressing leadership needs. A deeper understanding of one’s level of personal development is instead necessary to unlock potential TL abilities. In this book, four leaders are extensively studied to determine the relationship between their level of personal ego development and TL effectiveness. Even while the results yield significantly different “snapshots” of leadership behaviours, these leaders' profiles provide a platform from which to further explore the complexities of TL theory and help us to understand how one’s TL effectiveness may or may not be related to one’s ego development. This book is addressed to leadership consultants or coaches of both profit and non-profit organizations interested in leadership development topics. This book is also addressed to leadership researchers who are interested in exploring leadership from both subjective and objective paradigms.