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Investment Funds in Romania

Investment Funds in Romania

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A journey through Romania’s recent economic history with a focus on the development of the investment fund industry and its supposed connection to the political scene is the story of this book. It starts by presenting the scene of the end of communism and what this transformation meant for the society. Further, it takes the reader through the democratization and privatization process, banking system development as well as the birth of asset management companies. It illustrates the role of asset management companies and the growth of the investment fund industry, which signals important economic development for Romania. Romania is being compared here with other Eastern European countries as well as Western economies. It also presents a special fund, Proprietatea Fund, that was created with the purpose of the restitution of property that was taken away by the communist state. The challenging question of a connection between political events like presidential elections/change of government and the level of assets under management is also being assessed here. The end dares a conclusion to the still open question of how West Romania went since the bloody revolution of 1989 as well as how much of a free market economy it has become.