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Historical Wines: a marketing concept to promote Portuguese Wines

Historical Wines: a marketing concept to promote Portuguese Wines

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Although Portuguese wine exports have been increasing, national wine consumption has not been following a similar trend. Not only there are a growing number of new brands and products in the market, which can difficult consumer choice, but wine itself has been losing market share to other beverages, particularly beer. It is then necessary to develop marketing strategies that reduce information asymmetries between domestic wine sellers and buyers and convert wine drinking in act of refined culture and status. This work intends to explore the sales potential of a branding concept centered in the historical character of high-quality domestic wines: the Historical Wines of Portugal. The results of this dissertation should be especially useful and have important practical implications to Portuguese wine producers, wine tourism managers and Government institutions. Successful marketing programs designed around the Historical Wines concept should increase the Portuguese consumers’ knowledge and involvement with the category, as well as their demand for traditional national products.