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Developing a Framework for Political Party Finance Monitoring

Developing a Framework for Political Party Finance Monitoring

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Watchers of the Nigerian democratic development are aware that current political party financing regime is characterized by surreptitious financial support streams,influence peddling by a few wealthy donors, who control the policy direction of the nation state, and extensive use of state funds to finance political party activities. The objective of this inquiry is to develop an effectual, controlled, and implementable political finance monitoring and enforcement framework, in consultation with key stakeholders, so that the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) will be able to deliver on its statutory mandate to the Nigerian people. It is envisaged that when such an effective framework enthroned, monitored and appropriately enforced, transparency will be enhanced in the management of political party finances, and the use of state resources to fund political party activities, will be greatly minimized. This state of affairs will help restore the confidence of the citizens in their democratic institutions.