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Online Mobile Marketing Between International Opportunities & Threats

Online Mobile Marketing Between International Opportunities & Threats

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China Mobile users exceed 1.23 Billion and the population is more than 1.365.230 billion, with high market entry for the foreign western Businesses due to low labor cost and cheap production costs, but for every location there are different marketing tools, and for every culture there is a methodology for promoting or advertising for different products or services and due to the various market matrix model of the Chinese Market. The main question any foreign western businesses need to answer in China is “How to develop the marketing methodology and affinity with minimum cost and maximum penetration power?” This Research is: Trying to Find out the most effective and efficient method that we can use to penetrate the Chinese social network for marketing as there is no YouTube or Facebook or twitter So, in this study I intended to discuss more about online marketing in China, especially using Smartphones in Marketing, answering the question why we should use it and what we should do to find better marketing chances in the Chinese market; defining and determining how we can integrate online mobile marketing in marketing strategies and policies.