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Method of Measuring Changes in The Corporate Culture

Method of Measuring Changes in The Corporate Culture

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Changes in the corporate culture once and resulted to a success or failure, are often not measurable clearly the extent of its success or failure. Many companies claim to have succeeded in changing the culture of the company with a very large cost, but never knew the extent of the effectiveness of his success.To see the level of success and what has changed from the corporate culture of the company, clearly described in this book. The book is written by an expert and practitioner in the field of change management, and experienced in managing change management at three Bank is undergoing a process of acquisitions and mergers in the context of a change of ownership belong to foreign investors. In this book also incorporates aspects of the practical and theoretical aspects, so it is very suitable book read by practitioners and by academics. The theory used is the comparison of the various existing theories of change management and corporate culture, and ultimately show how to measure the success of an effective corporate culture.