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A First Course in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

A First Course in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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The book: “A First Course in Electrical & Electronic Engineering for Science & Engineering students (With Worked Examples)” is aimed at introducing Science & Engineering students generally to Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Electrical Engineering is seen by many students as being very abstract. This is not really true. In an attempt to present the subject naturally as it is to students, the author builds up readers from the basic knowledge of Physics (and perhaps Mathematics). Any student who has completed studies of GCE O/L Physics and Mathematics successfully, should have no problems in understanding the book. “Introduction to Electrical Engineering” is a course taken by all second year students in Engineering Faculties in all Nigerian Universities. Having taught the course for some time at the University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria, the author knows where the problems are. A good number of students, mostly from departments other than Electrical Engineering, often find it difficult to conceptualize the direction of flow of current in a loop all “on the paper”. Thorough and skillful explanations in this book have addressed all that. Several solved examples have also been presented.