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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

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The main purpose of the research was to find out promotional strategies of Hyundai motors to increase their global sales. This study covered the significance of promotional campaign of the company. In the current study, the researcher has implemented the theoretical framework in order to explain concepts of promotional and branding strategies. In the literature section, the researcher has highlighted the promotional strategies of the automobile company, impacts of promotional strategies and also discussed the concept of branding and branding strategies. The researcher has critically analyzed the theoretical perspective of promotion and branding strategies in the automobile industry with the perspective of Hyundai. The researcher has explained how the company is promoting its products with the use of various media channels and advertisement tools. The importance of the promotional tools has been covered in detail. The researcher has also analyzed the branding and its impact on company’s position. The various tools of branding such as brand value, brand identity and brand architecture have also been in this study.