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Tourist valorization of Royal spas in Serbia

Tourist valorization of Royal spas in Serbia

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This book examines the status and the potential development of the Royal spas in Serbia. Although short, this segment of the tourist offer is very significant. The research handles all tourism potentials and obvious natural-geographic and anthropogenic tourist values. Restoring almost three centuries ago, it will produce an image of what two respected Serbian Dynasties: Karadjordjevic and Obrenovic had built and created. The book, considers the current level of tourist valorization, assesses their importance in the tourist market of Serbia and considers perspectives of tourist valorization of less-known tourist attractions. Unification of data, analysis of resources and opportunities offer a comprehensive way to assess the possibilities of further development of Royal spas in Serbia that have a high tourism potential and opportunities for further development. Work also includes assessment of the situation and prospects of development of spa tourism, consideration of the most important elements of tourist valorization and identification of structural characteristics of spa tourism turnover.