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Wetlands: Methodology and landscape architecture opportunities

Wetlands: Methodology and landscape architecture opportunities

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The book focuses on presenting the design of a methodology that not only takes into account the environmental assessments but evaluates the activities of a landscape architect in order to create projects that truly understand the needs of the area and the community. The study concetrates on Wetlands with the objective of understanding these structures as important ecosystems on the development of a sustainable city, but also as a place with big potential of becoming an environmental classroom for the community and where the citizens can enjoy and learn about nature. The aim is to highlight the importance of this ecosystem by raising awareness in the community and converting it in a Landmark. For this it is necessary the development of a master plan where different activities can interact with each other; as mix layers. The way of showing the outcome, is expressed by presenting to the reader in a parallel way, how the methodology works applied in a real example. For that the Wetland El Burro located in Bogota- Colombia was chosen.