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Tourism and Travel in Ancient Egypt

Tourism and Travel in Ancient Egypt

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“Give bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked and a boat to those without one […]”. This is an Ancient Egyptian text that shows how travel was a significant human activity in ancient times. Scholars are now have classified mobility to travel and tourism. Moreover, there are various types and purposes of tourism and travel and this was not the same among the early nations consequently changing over time. Travel in ancient Egypt raises many questions that we have yet no accurate answers; therefore, this book aims to investigate these concerns. To answer these questions, analytical and descriptive approaches were selected to accomplish the work. This includes analyses of the wall paintings of the tombs and temples which are regarded the pictorial source as well as the textual sources based upon the Egyptian literature and writings. The book concludes that travel was familiar in ancient Egypt since the pre-dynastic times. By applying the contemporary terms and notion of tourism industry, indeed, the ancient Egyptians knew various forms of tourism and travel such as domestic and international journeys, leisure, business, and adventure trips.