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Business strategy for the launch of a British bar in Bulgaria

Business strategy for the launch of a British bar in Bulgaria

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Today’s business world is very dynamic and hugely challenging. The companies, which achieve sustainability and success, are the ones that constantly monitor the external and internal environment and generate competitive edge for their businesses outperforming their competitors. This book argues that it is the entrepreneurial initiative bringing something new, inexperienced before that creates a genuine advantage for a firm. Nonetheless, this initiative has to be backed up by analysing the environment and implementing a business strategy to complement the proposed entrepreneurial idea turning it into a viable product or service on the market. The undertaken strategic analysis and the discussion on decisions related to the business strategy are essentially utilised here in order to discover whether the idea for opening a British bar in Bulgaria is viable and to propose an initial route for the company to follow, which could enhance business offering. Don't miss out on this well-grounded and comprehensively structured read!