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Social media Advertising And Baying Behavior

Social media Advertising And Baying Behavior

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This book is based on philosophy that consumers take decisions to buy products based on evaluation of information available on social media, the use of which is increasing day by day. "Social Media Marketing and Buying Behavior" is a valuable contribution by the authors on one of the most effective tool of marketing i.e. social media and its impact on buying behavior. The authors justified the purpose the book by highlighting social networking site scenario along with benefits of social media to buyers as well as advertisers. The authors have extensively reviewed related literature on awareness, perception, search and shopping behaviour, advertising effects and consumer towards social networking advertisements and its impact on buying decisions.This book is not only important for social media users, advertisers, policy makers but for any organization, big or small, for devising aggressive strategy for effective marketing through social media advertisement to influence buying behavior of users of social media.