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The Relationship between Leadership Behaviours and Job Satisfaction

The Relationship between Leadership Behaviours and Job Satisfaction

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The ever-changing complex business environment has created a need for leaders who can meet the demands and challenges of organisations who are grappling with the new organisational climate, with a real need for improved productivity and competitive performance in order to survive. To achieve this target, it is imperative for both leaders and organisations to change their way of thinking to foster and sustain the motivation and satisfaction levels of their employees for maintaining their competitive edge. The study employed Avolio and Bass (1991) full range of leadership theory to determine the leadership behaviours. In addition, Herzberg’s job satisfaction theory (1959) which is based on the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) was utilised to measure the level of job satisfaction. The book is useful for both teachers, undergraduate and postgraduates students who are interested in; Exploring the relationship between leaders’ leadership behaviours and employees’ job satisfaction. Analysing issues such as training and development and HR management. Studying the impact of HR practices on employee and organisational performance.