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Financial Performance of banks in Pakistan

Financial Performance of banks in Pakistan

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Banks are the most important financial institutions which play a vital role throughout the world’s economic system. The banking system of Pakistan comprises not only of the Public sector but also the private sector. Some of the banks after the independence of Pakistan didn't perform well and they were then privatized but later again they were nationalized. The banking sector of Pakistan has undergone through various stages of crisis. Currently, a very healthy competition between the banking sector has been observed in both the Public and Private sector banks. Many individual and groups are interested in the data appearing in a firm's financial statements, including managers, owners, prospective investors, creditors, labor unions, governmental agencies, and the public. These parties are usually interested in the profitability and financial strength of the firm in question; although such factors as size, growth and the firm's efforts to meet its social responsibilities may also be of interest.This book gives an insight into the banking information in the past and deals in how to use the information for analysis, and is very much helpful for students, performing analysis in Finance.