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Identifying & Managing the Impact of NeuroLeadership during Org Change

Identifying & Managing the Impact of NeuroLeadership during Org Change

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NeuroLeadership focuses on how individuals in a social environment make decisions & solve problems, regulate their emotions, collaborate with & influence others & facilitate change. NeuroLeadership engages people as opposed to the functional side of business. During organisational change staff members are usually unsure about their job security which is one of the stress factors that can have a negative effect on the organisation during these changes. The focus of this research is to explore the neural basis of leadership & management practices, effectively bringing about the interface between the tools of social cognitive & affective neuroscience & other domains within neuroscience & theories from the leadership & management social sciences. One area of emerging research focuses on the preparation to change, which has a solid effect on numerous choices in a change process, for example, arranging, execution, correspondence and systematisation. Throughout this research the researcher’s objective is to expand the understating of the preparation effect on change accomplishment by looking at different levels of this idea and their progress to help business leaders and HR professionals.