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Influence of Leadership Styles on Staff Retention in Kenyan Schools

Influence of Leadership Styles on Staff Retention in Kenyan Schools

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Staff mobility in Kenyan schools is eminent. The study aims at assessing the relationship between leadership styles and staff retention in schools in Kenya. Leadership styles such as transformational, transactional, delegative and situational were studied. A multi-level sampling technique was used. Stratified sampling technique was used. Questionnaires and Interview guides were the main data collection instruments. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics while qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis. Statistical Packages for Social Sciences and Ms-Excel software were used for data interpretation. Multivariate analysis, with regression model as the major inferential statistics was used. Transformational and transactional styles significantly influenced staff retention at (p 0.005<0.05) and (p 0.034<0.05) respectively. Transactional style was negatively correlated with staff retention. Delegative and situational styles did not have significant influence on teacher retention (p 0.333>0.05) and (p 0.154>0.05) respectively. In conclusion leadership styles are crucial in retaining staff. The study recommends involvement of staff in leadership.