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Social Media Adoption, Academic Performance and Youth's Leadership

Social Media Adoption, Academic Performance and Youth's Leadership

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Theoretical and practical evidence have proved that social media provide access to information and knowledge by creating social networks to serve as a means of fostering high quality relations with mentors, peers and teachers which ultimately produces social learning skills. It is also established that youths are the most prolific users of social media network sites,spending greater portion of their daily lives interacting through social media. They are the “head-down generation”, as their heads are always down looking at hand-phones, iPods and so on. However, does the information accessed from social media platform used for academic purposes and leadership activities? The book is made up of five parts. Part one discusses the relationship between youth’s social media adoption, academic performance and future leadership. Part two provides theoretical supports for the predictor and criterion variables of study. Part three summarizes the results of the research thereby exposing several new discoveries for researchers, youths and policy-makers. Part four and five showcase the list of consulted and survey materials. This book resulted from a personal research at UMK completed late 2015.