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CRM System and Cross Selling in Indian Banking Industry

CRM System and Cross Selling in Indian Banking Industry

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The banking industry have experienced enormous growth and an intense competition in the recent past due to increased use of information technology services. This book is an attempt to evaluate the extent of effective utilization of Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system and its impact on cross selling function in different bank groups in India viz. public, private and foreign banks. The analysis is focused on customer’ and bank officials’ point of view. The objective is to analyse the expanded scope of integrating CRM system for cross selling in banks with a view to making banking industry more customers savoy and comprehensive on one side while on the other bringing efficiency in banking organization by identify and understand need for augmenting the income by means of non-interest income through the concept and methodology of cross selling of the products by the bankers,by exploring how the bank can use a common repository of customer data base, by identifying aids for the internal customers which help them to cross-sell effectively and convert the initiatives into business and to give a best possible CRM system for giving effective customer oriented service.