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Go-To-Market Strategy using Risk-Managed Marketing

Go-To-Market Strategy using Risk-Managed Marketing

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The company of the book Is K-Bear, LLC, whose CEO has the exclusive rights to sell and distribute eucalyptus products from FGB, Australia in the United States. The Go-To-Market Strategy consists of a number of steps: Starting with a goal setting process, employing the Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Strengths Under Planning (WOTS-UP analysis) in which Marketing Works helps determine the internal Strengths and Weakness and external Threats and Opportunities mapping them to the marketing mix; establishing competitive advantages and barriers to entry; budgeting based on estimated sales and associated costs; and then determining the likelihood of the outcome of a conservative, moderate and aggressive marketing strategy. Once the client approves the Go-To-Market Strategy, it will be implemented, thus launching K-Bear and its products in the market