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Morbid tourism with accent on crime and war tourism

Morbid tourism with accent on crime and war tourism

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Morbid tourism as a consequence of modern life and contemporary ideas of tourist movement has a leading role in development of contemporary forms in tourism. This is first time that someone writing about morbid tourism in global, so author gave a few definitions of morbid tourism and some forms in morbid tourism. The reason for research morbid tourism is gradually destruction of normal tourism. This paper deals with the analysis and presentation all forms in morbid tourism (dark tourism, disaster tourism, vamp tourism, drug tourism, sex tourism and virtual tourism) and consequences that it brings to image of tourist destination. The aim is to increase consciousness about the existence of morbid tourism, an attempt to an objectively comprehend and stop development of this form in favor of development normal contemporary forms in tourism, which serve to tourists for rest, relaxation, recreation, cultural animation, improvement of general health. The results of research could be useful for everyone who is in tourism: one who engages development tourism on destination, but also for tourists, real and potential consumers of tourist services.