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Ottoman Monuments of Chios and Cultural Tourism

Ottoman Monuments of Chios and Cultural Tourism

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Cultural tourism is a kind of tourism which has been grown rapidly in Greece in recent years. The ottoman monuments are great historical monuments which play an important role in the cultural heritage of Chios. The historical and cultural richness of the island combined with the increased turnout of Turks visitors could contribute decisively to the tourism and economic development of the island. The objective of this research (through questionnaires) was to examine and impress the current situation of the cultural tourism in Chios and investigate the contribution of ottoman monuments in tourism development. The wealth of Chios in religious and historical monuments is very large. It is necessary to establish a framework of tourism policy at local level, which will include a number of selected actions for the planning and management of cultural tourism to highlight the general cultural value of ottoman monuments of Chios. By managing the visibility of Chios ottoman monuments, the original and high quality tourism product can be competitive and the aim is to create a major tourist destination.