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Increasing Student Engagement through Creativity, Leadership and SEL

Increasing Student Engagement through Creativity, Leadership and SEL

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Creativity, engagement, mindfulness and ethical social interactions are goals of excellence required in life, career and more specifically in learning and education. Being prone to distractions from various kinds such as technological, social, physical and psychological, students are more than ever being challenged maintaining high levels of engagement and dedication at educational institutions. Student engagement, a primary indicator of quality, has been given high importance by Universities in the World to improve student success rate, university ranking and competitiveness. Being required to support the fulfillment of their National goals, Universities have a primary responsibility to supply quality human resources for their nations. From their end, students are being expected to be highly engaged, effective, productive, ethical and innovative employers and citizens before and after they graduate. This requires that students be backed not only by academic skills, but also creativity, leadership, emotional and social skills to fulfill these goals which has been proven by this triangulated study.