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Crisis and Regulation of Financial - Banking Activity

Crisis and Regulation of Financial - Banking Activity

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Today's world is continuously changing. We are witnessing unexpected events that, eventually, affect human welfare. It is all about the crisis. The paper „Crisis and Regulation of Financial - Banking Activity. Conceptual Approaches” presents from a methodological and critical perspective the concepts of crisis and regulation which occur in an evolutionary and complex environment. The main objectives of the book are of a conceptual nature; we propose new definitions of the crisis and regulation concepts, with a non-cyclic character. In this context, we tried to point out the key economic mechanism – the economic cycle – as well as the financial regulation process and its most important aims. The book wishes to contribute to the expansion of knowledge by proposing certain new elements in the logical explanations of the topic. We present arguments: for the necessary character of economic cycles and the place of the crisis in this context of economic cycles; for a new definition of the social-economic crisis; for the creation of a new architecture of the financial regulation, globally; for possible answers: does the financial regulation represent a cause or an effect of the crisis?