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Women’s Empowerment Through Micro-Financing

Women’s Empowerment Through Micro-Financing

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Micro financing is a very popular form of financing for rural poor people, especially for women. Through micro financing many rural women changed their life. They change their living standard, children health, children education and so on. This book revealed that the role of micro-credit in income generating activities of women and its impact on their socio-economic empowerment. Survey method was used as a technique of data collection. The majority of population was illiterate or semi-literate, so interview schedule was used as a tool of data collection. I collected information of 109 sample including both male and female. But majority are female. Because this book is about women empowerment. Descriptive as well as non parametric test was used for data analysis. The results showed that most of the females who availed the facility of micro-credit finally got socioeconomic empowerment through acquiring the self esteem, business skills, confidence level, decision making power, etc.