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Corporate Social Responsibility of Commercial Banks in India

Corporate Social Responsibility of Commercial Banks in India

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Over the years the primary objective of business enterprises has shifted from profit maximization to wealth maximization of all the stakeholders of the society. It has been a challenge for all business enterprises to meet the need of their stakeholders to sustain in the competitive business world. Hence, New Companies Act, 2013 has made it mandatory for corporate to comply the legal requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility under section 135 of the Act. However, it is not applicable to Baking Companies in India. The role of Banking Companies in India has a greater role to play with respect to the contribution of corporate towards the corporate social responsibility. This book has tried to identify the innovative CSR activities initiated by commercial banks to bring in the real change in the community. This book further has made a comparative study of CSR activities undertaken by public sector banks and private sector banks to enable the research scholars to do further research activities on the issue.