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Financial System – An Indian Perspective

Financial System – An Indian Perspective

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India is fine poised at the crossroads of development and debacle. The financial system will play the crucial role of navigator. With having strong, experienced, and reputed regulators like RBI and SEBI, Indian Financial System is well built on the path of potential. Indian corporate, on the other hand, are also strongly marching forward to be the multinationals of the repute. The challenge for them is Indian corporate are way too small in global context. In this context, the financial system of India will have to play a crucial role to cushion the Indian corporate for taking a position in the world of business. On the flip side, India as a societal economy are facing problems like; unmanaged population, corruption, eduction, inflation etc. While many start-ups in India are excelling in their business, the number of debacles are also not small. Many economies of the world at large are facing issues with respect to finance, debt, policies etc. India has largely remain less-affected with the phenomenon. The way forward would be neither easy nor smooth. This book will interest readers to know the financial system with an Indian perspective.