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The Effect of Strategic Management Practices on Islamic Banks

The Effect of Strategic Management Practices on Islamic Banks

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This work explores strategic management practices in Islamic banks and their impact on performance within Qatar’s Islamic financial sector. Financial ratios analysis was used, as the most common in the literature and among practitioners for measuring the performance; Return on Equity,Return on Assets,Retrun on Investment, Deby to Equity,Total Debt Ratio. The book addresses three questions: Do Islamic banks practice strategic management? Do strategic management practices influence banks’ performance? and Is strategic Management an important tool in Islamic banks? Strategy analysis;External Environment,Internal Analysis,Vision, Mission,Values,Core Competency. Strategy Formulation; Business Level Strategy,Corporate Level Strategy,Functional Strategy,Cooperative Strategy,Shar'ia Compliance.Strategy Implementation; Corporate Governance,Strategy Leadership,Organitional Structure,Strategy Control and Evaluation are covered in this work.