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Corporate Governance of Banking Institutions

Corporate Governance of Banking Institutions

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Banking institutions play a crucial role in the economic growth of developing economies through the process of financial intermediation. This book underscores the need to address corporate governance of banking institutions on a priority basis in order to boost the performance and safety of banking systems and thus ensure the contribution of banking sectors to economic development. The study investigates the issue in the context of the Bangladesh banking sector, which reports a failure to improve in terms of performance and solvency, despite a series of financial reform programmers. The poor results in this respect are believed to be due to the fact that in these reform programmers, little attention to the corporate governance issues of the banks. While exploring banking governance in Bangladesh, the book finds a highly concentrated ownership structure among the banks, in which large blocks of shares are held by government individual entrepreneurs, and foreign investors. Additionally, the boards in local banks are dominated or controlled by either founding owners or owners' loyal individuals.