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City Logistics in China

City Logistics in China

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City logistics is believed to have the potential to support the realisation of building up sustainable cities. China has been seeking a more healthy economic growth model relying on urbanisation and domestic consumption. This is because one billion citizens are expected to be living in Chinese cities by 2030. Logistics has hereby been given the mission to assist this transition of the economic growth model by establishing a reliable goods supply on one hand, and improving citizens’ quality of life on the other – all in a way that develops sustainable urbanisation. This book thus addresses this issue, aiming to examine whether the concept of city logistics is suitable and applicable for China’s cities to build a sustainable urbanisation. This book is the result of the research project through the cooperation between Deutsche Post DHL, Technology University of Darmstadt, Tongji Univerisity and Chengdu Municipality Government. The authors are grateful to the China Scholarship Council (CSC), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (LQ15G020004), which provided the work financial support and helped focus on the research.