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Stock Market Profile of Women Investors in Indian Capital Market

Stock Market Profile of Women Investors in Indian Capital Market

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With the changing role of Indian women, from savers to investors, there are every possibilities that their decisions regarding investment with their surplus money may be different. When women can lead big organizations, their potential decision- making ability and risk bearing attitude cannot be overlooked. It is much relevant to study the Stock Market Profile of women investors. The study would also be helpful in adding to the economic empowerment among the women. Hence the first hand information from the target sample (women investors) is more significant. Therefore, for analysis purpose a primary survey of women investors was conducted to reach at the accurate outcomes. This study focuses on Punjab and chandigarh. Study concluded that no demographic variables neither education nor working status are associated with decision making of women investors.As typical Indian women they prefer to take the advice of their husbands/family members for taking any decision related to investment and particularly stock market investment. She has been considered as risk averse since time immemorial and today even she carries the same status.