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Sustainable Development in Residential Tourism

Sustainable Development in Residential Tourism

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Urbanization as a universal phenomenon of our modern society brings both opportunities and challenges. Population growth leading to urbanization and decreasing environmental quality is the mega-trend of the 21st century. Under the huge demand for recreation and tourism, overcrowding has been a major problem at almost all popular tourism destinations. As a result, western Mediterranean seaside resorts have faced with rapid infrastructure problems and then similar problems have been experienced lately in new emerging destinations such as The Black Sea Resort. The main conclusions from this study are that Residential tourism has a big economic impact on the country transforming the socio- cultural landscape of the region. Because Residential Tourism can have a negative effect on the culture of a destination, the community has to be integrated in tourism planning in order to influence the nature of tourism development and future sustainability. The research highlighted that the organisations contacted work together in order to minimise the impacts on the environment and try to stop developers from expanding their businesses in protected areas.