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Marketing Implications of Hip-Hop Culture in Durban South Africa

Marketing Implications of Hip-Hop Culture in Durban South Africa

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Hip-Hop culture has created a lot of interest & controversy around the world. Most people have used & engaged in debates without having a clear understanding of it. Although there are lots of articles to be found on Hip-Hop culture, very little research has been done on it. The confusion that surrounds Hip-Hop culture highlights the need for marketers to conduct more research on this topic. This particular study was conducted within the South African marketplace, in 4 Durban areas using a quantitative research method. The sample for the study was supposed to consist of 400 hundred respondents, but only 350 respondents were selected using a convenience sampling. Respondents were required to complete a six paged questionnaire with the interviewer's assistance. The main objective of the research was to identify & analyze the marketing implications of Hip-Hop culture in the greater Durban area. The results revealed that 60% of the respondents are strongly committed to Hip-Hop culture & they are brand fanatics. Therefore, this seeks to say, that marketers need concentrate on promoting Hip-Hop products and services. And is the high time to know the Hip-Hop culture's needs and wants.