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Antecedents Of Bank Loyalty Among Nigerian Undergraduates

Antecedents Of Bank Loyalty Among Nigerian Undergraduates

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The growth trajectory of universities in Nigeria has been steady, moving from 4 licensed universities in 1962 to 143 universities in 2015. This has concomitantly led to an exponential growth in enrollment for university education, thus leading to expansion in university communities across Nigeria. This expansion has triggered an undergraduate bank market segment within the university communities in Nigeria, and, by extension, creating new market opportunity for banks. Several banks responded by providing myriad of service-products to tap into this fast growing undergraduate market opportunity; thereby widening the choice-latitude of current and potential undergraduate customers. The acute competition due to wide-bank-service-choice has led to an attendant problem of intense switch behavior among undergraduates. To be the preferred bank for the undergraduate, it is timely to unearth factors influencing undergraduates’ retention and loyalty towards a bank so that banks operating within the university communities can craft cutting-edge marketing strategies based on empirical evidence. This book empirically unraveled 36 potent factors, which banks should emphasize for competitiveness.