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Strategies of Advertising Agencies in India

Strategies of Advertising Agencies in India

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IT TAKES ME 10 YEARS TO WRITE THIS BOOK. GIVE ME 10 SECONDS TO PERSUADE YOU TO READ IT. This book is written through years of industrial experience and tough research. The goal of this book is to understand the working of advertising agencies. Advertising has very much become a part of our lives. With the market glutted with endless brands of products, the consumer is influenced largely by advertising in his decision making process. The industry too leans very heavily on advertising to survive in this ruthlessly competitive market. And, to satisfy the needs and demands of the industries, the advertising agencies play an important role. Everyone knows what advertising is and how it works, but relatively little is actually known of the behind the scene working of advertising The present research study was carried out with a view to identify the various strategies adopted by advertising agencies. In the earlier part, author has examined the role and operational working of advertising agencies. In addition, SWOT analysis of the advertising agencies was also examined. Such an analysis would hopefully provide a deeper insight into the strategies of advertising agencies in India.