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The Role of Quality Circle's Programs in The Hotel Industry

The Role of Quality Circle's Programs in The Hotel Industry

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Quality Circle (QC) is one of the employee participation methods. It implies the development of skills, capabilities, confidence and creativity of the people through cumulative process of education, training, work experience and participation. QC itself is a completely voluntary body. Nobody is paid to join, nobody is forced to join, and nobody is penalized for not taking part.As with the case of this study, the researcher had a closer look to the quality circles' concept, a brief history to settle on the roots of this concept, also another sight went to the core principles, a short notes for the teamwork theories, the authentic role of QC, and their impact on employee satisfaction. Key implementation barriers and critical success factors are identified. In this study, a methodology for evaluating the role of QC in five star hotels in Cairo and Giza was presented. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with the senior levels in the investigated hotels. The researcher carried out 100 interview meetings during the field study.325self-administrated questionnaire were also applied and directed to hotels' line staff( with an average response rate 90.7%)