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Analysis of Banking Sector in a Developing Country in Post-War Times

Analysis of Banking Sector in a Developing Country in Post-War Times

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This study examines how the Georgian banking industry has expanded and became stronger after the South-Ossetia war and the economic crisis in 2008. The research shows that the banking sector should be analyzed carefully, with a big attention paid on small details to avoid the collapse.The aim of research is to provide the banking sector with the information about customer behavior in Georgia after the Georgian-Russian conflict. The Georgian banking sector has been expanding exponentially and it is more difficult for international banks to enter the Georgian banking industry and start competing with the powerful local banks. The purpose of this paper is to give clear understanding of the Georgian banking industry and to give advice to the new banks that are entering. Moreover, this paper will help these new entering banks realizing that international status and recognition does not always play a significant role in Georgian people’s decision-making process at the time of choosing one or other bank. In this paper we will discuss how banks need to understand what the consumers’ priorities are and what they seek: lower percentages, better quality service and other dimensions