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An Economic History of the United States

An Economic History of the United States

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An Economic History of the United States presents an engaging way of studying this fascinating field. Mark V. Siegler takes a thematic approach, and provides both the theoretical foundations and historical background needed to gain an in-depth understanding of the history of important economic issues in the U.S.  Every chapter examines a specific topic, and the chapters are linked to each other to provide an overall view. The chronological approach is represented with a useful timeline as an appendix to show where the specific topics fi t in the chronology. Chapter topics include: long-run causes of economic growth; economic history of income and wealth inequality; slavery, segregation, and discrimination; immigration and immigration policies; and an economic history of recessions and depressions.  The book: integrates classic and recent scholarship emphasizes international and comparative elements that link current economic issues in the U.S. to the longer history applies the tools of economics throughout includes helpful features, such as ‘Economic History in Action’ boxes and end-of-chapter questions.