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Values-Based Innovation Management

Values-Based Innovation Management

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How can we create new offerings, business models, and new markets based on what we care about? And which kinds of values already impact corporate cultures and organisational development today?This concise guide shows how to renew business by focusing on its essential values. The book combines theoretical insights with a strong practical element, featuring a wealth of case studies and tools to help innovators solve societal problems and realise their ideals.Values-Based Innovation Management is a unique and forward-thinking new textbook. It shows how innovation in processes, products, services, business models and networks may be managed by what we care about. Readers will be encouraged to explore not only sustainability-orientation and values of privacy or safety, but also their own unique values as relevant drivers for change within and across organisations.Key features include:Theories and proven methods to be applied to new innovation challenges and opportunitiesInternational case studies of success, as well as failure, in values-based innovationKey concepts in innovation management and values-based innovation.This textbook is the ideal companion for advanced undergraduate or postgraduate students studying innovation management or entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs, innovation managers and consultants will learn to expand into new markets.