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The Complete Polly and the Wolf

The Complete Polly and the Wolf

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When Catherine Storr's daughter Polly was very small, she was afraid of the wolf under her bed. So every night her mother would tell her a story in which Polly outwitted the wolf. These bedtime stories eventually became the collection titled Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf, a wonderfully thrilling and reassuring series of adventures in which the clever, independent, and unstoppable Polly fools the persistent, hungry, young Wolf time and again. A match much like Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner but more polite and quick-witted, Polly and the Wolf develop ever more complicated ways of turning the tables on each other as each grows older, and in Polly's case at least, wiser. Three more collections of stories followed the original Clever Polly, all hilariously inventive variations on a much-loved theme, and all of the stories are collected here for the first time.