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A New Way to Bake

A New Way to Bake

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For the modern home baker who wants healthy-ish baked goods, the editors at Martha Stewart have written a new baking bible calling on ingredients that have gained popularity in recent years, as tastes shift away from highly refined white flour and sugar. A New Way to Bake will be the go-to source for home bakers looking to up-the-ante when it comes to flavor, texture, and health. Many people love sweets but wish they didn't. But now, a chocolate-chip cookie can feature whole-wheat flour for a dose of nutty whole grains, use maple syrup instead of refined sugar to steer clear of a processed food, and opt for cocoa nibs for interesting texture and a less-sweet taste. The world of baking has expanded, and this cookbook will be the ultimate guide to exploring it, as well as a resource of 130 thoroughly tested recipes. With 150 color photographs and lots of tips on choosing, storing, and preparing ingredients, A New Way to Bake is the next generation baking bible.